Mimiron’s Head Riding Shaman | MoP CM Gold Windfury Armor | Wod & MoP Legendaries, Shadowmourne | Blizzcon Murlocs | 16k Achievement Points | 400k Gold | Tons of Alts | Awesome Feats – Ahead of the Curve, Cutting Edge & MORE!

Gold on Account: 400,000

Wow! This account is pretty dang awesome. It has earned tons of Ahead of the Curve Feat of Strength achievements along with Cutting Edge Feats since the game came out and has plenty of room to improve as well! Multiple Collector’s edition mounts and pets including the Murloc Battlemaster Feat of Strength for the 2016 Blizzcon Knight-Captain/Legionnaire Murky!

Multiple characters on this account earned both the Legend of Pandaria title and Legendary cloak but also the Warlords of Draenor Legendary ring. Additionally, Shadowmourne !

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