Level 120 Human Rogue | 120 Death Knight | iLvL 458 Assassination Spec | Swift Razzashi Raptor! | Lots of Ahead of the Curve Chieves | Fangs of Father | Collector’s Editions | Mage Tower Artifact Appearance!



458 average item level (456 equipped )

High achievement account with great current gear and a ton of old school transmogs and sets. Battle for Azeroth Collector’s Edition, Tons of Exalted Factions, Battle for Azeroth Flying already achieved — crazy nice account.

Fangs of the Father, Legendary Cloak from MOP, Legendary Ring from WoD as well. TONS of Legion legendaries ofc along with Mage Tower artifact appearances!

Due to issues with the latest API Changes we’ve put a ton of screenshots up for this listing and will provide armory upon request! Just click chat at the bottom right or put in a ticket by clicking contact us on the navigation bar. Thanks!

Includes Diablo III

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