Level 110 Shaman & Rogue | Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode Gold – Windfury | Mage Tower Rogue Skin – Iceshear | Numerous Vicious Mounts, Pandaren Phoenix’s | Battlenet Account Includes D3 & Overwatch!

$399.99 $285.49

Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode transmog – Windury Set!

Rogue has no longer available Mage Tower Challenge Mode xmog Iceshear!

Rare Pandaren Phoenix’s from Mists of Pandaria Challenge modes, Dread Raven from Draenor Collector’s Edition, Obsidian Nightmare from RAF, grove warden, numerous Vicious mounts, Raptor, Skeletal Warhorse and a bunch of other epic mounts to ride around on as well.

Battlenet Account includes: Diablo® III Collector’s Edition Overwatch® Origins Edition

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