Hero of Dazar’alor Druid | Warlords of Draenor Challenge Mode Gold | Cutting Edge & Ahead of the Curve Raiding | 120 Priest, Paladin & Monk Alts | Invincible, Mimiron’s Head, Ashes of Al’ar | Crazy Nice Account Ready to Play!



ACHIEVEMENT POINTS: 15190    423 average item level   (422 equipped )

Alts:  Lvl 120 Troll Priest, Lvl 120 Human Paladin, Lvl 120 Gnome Monk and a ton of lower-level characters as well to choose from.

Some great rare titles from Mythic raiding and other hard to achieve feats such as: Hero of Dazar’alor, Postmaster, The Honorable, The Camel-Hoarder, The Chosen, The Fabulous and many others to choose from.

Also a nice collection of Rare Mounts: including: Ashes of Al’ar, Azure Drake, Challengers War Yeti, Cloudwing Hippogryph, Crimson Slavermaw, Darkspore Mana Ray, Fabious, Felglow Mana Ray, Fiery Warhorse, Flametalon of Alysrazor, Grand Expedition Yak, Invincible, Life-Binder’s Handmaiden, Midnight, Mimiron’s Head, Onyxian Drake, Phosphorescent Stone Drake, Raven Lord, Sandstone Drake, Scintillating Mana Ray, Sharkbait, Smouldering Emberwyrm, Violet Spellwing, X-995 Mechanocat, Geosynchronous World Spinner, Grove Warden, Grove Defiler, Highmountain Elderhorn, Leyfeather Hippogryph AND many other epic riding and flying mounts to choose from!

Very accomplished raiding account as well featuring Multiple Cutting Edge achievements for Mythic Raiding along with the Ahead of the Curve raiding achievements.

Battlenet account includes:

Great Hearthstone account with tons of Meta Decks!

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