Battle of Dazar’alor Raid- Part 1

Sorry it has taken me so long to finally bring out a small raid guide for the Battle of Dazar’alor, like many others around this time of year…the flu has kicked my butt. Now that I’m back and finally had a chance to check it all out, I’m here to briefly go over the raid.So the Battle of Dazar’alor is unique for each faction (I haven’t played as Alliance, yet); the Horde defends Zuldazar, while the Alliance attacks it. The first branch of the raid is 3 encounters, here they are.The first boss is the Champion of Light battle; this feels like the easiest raid boss this entire expansion. The boss is Frida Ironbellows & her adds for the Horde. Basically, one tank takes the adds to the other side of the room (at least 30yds apart) and you keep your back to them to negate the blinding mechanic. Swap between the boss and adds depending on which seal is active. Kill the adds during the Seal of Reckoning phase, swap back to the boss during Seal of Retribution (boss always starts in this phase). Dodge the wave of light, use bloodlust and kill the boss.The next boss is Grong, both factions fight this boss in either nature or shadow (Alliance). Be stacked with at least one other person throughout this encounter to avoid the fear, but the bigger the stack groups (melee), the more damage that goes out to people around them during the reverberating slam. The range players have to watch out for the seeker missile, just move as quick as you can (the floor is lava). Healing cds should go out during the tantrum, but that’s about it for this encounter.The third boss is the Jadefire Masters. A mage and a monk are who you are up against, keep the monk’s hp lower than the mage’s throughout the entire encounter (they do not share hp). The tanks should know what they’re doing before this fight, but you don’t have to worry too much about the monk, other than making sure you are killing him and kiting his tiger away from the raid most CCs work on the tiger, so you can help the player get away, if it’s not you. The mage will have a few abilities you should watch out for when it teleports, swap damage to it to work on the absorption shield so that you can interrupt the pyroblast (which really hurts). Healers should also dispel debuffs with the least amount of time left. Rogues and hunters should help trigger the traps and clear the room if you don’t have these to help, then the raid should just take turns allowing full health people help clear. Swap to the living bombs asap and listen to the raid lead for better directions. Follow through the maze with your team, some classes can skip ahead; there’s no rush during this phase…but it can be super annoying. Now the bosses transform and the raid starts taking more damage; sidestep the fire breath, and everyone should try to kill the monk now.Now things get freaky, if you’re Horde, you going to turn into the Alliance for the next part of the raid. You talk to a scout and you’ll turn into a member of the Alliance along with Alliance racials to play through the flashback. Here’s a table of what you will become.So Opulence is the encounter where the raid is split into two parts, each group working on their own mini boss, use the jewels for the buffs. Make sure you know which gem you are to select, for dps the default is the emerald to increase your dps. Stay with your group as the mini-boss moves, watch out for the traps, drop off bad debuffs towards outside of room. Healers dispel ASAP & make sure when you use the amethyst gem you give everyone a heal so they get the 90% DR buff. The mini-boss contructs should die relatively in a close time frame and then everyone moves to the last room and stack behind the boss. Move out if you get the gold debuff and drop it on outside of room. Stacking makes it easy to deal with the shower mechanic that more people soaking means less damage and also to kill the adds quickly. During the Wail of Greed the healer needs to use the amethyst buff again and get raid wide healing CDs going. This boss takes a little preparation and coordination, but once that’s under control it’s a pretty fun encounter.The fifth encounter is the Conclave of the Chosen, you will be fighting four bosses, but only two at a given time. The bosses need to be at least 7 yards apart to avoid buffing them making them take less damage and do more to the raid. Each time one boss dies, a new one joins the fight and will heal the other one. So the raid should all focus down the same Loa. When a boss dies the healers should be prepared for the damage that hits the entire raid, probably using at least one healer CD every time. Paku needs to be purged when he has the gift of the wind buff, or let a mage spellsteal it and get a nice dps boost. When Paku has his wrath and spawns the bird, get within 10 yards of it to avoid damage. If you get Gonk’s debuff, run at least 8 yards away from everyone. Gonk’s wrath is going to spawn raptors that fixate on players…all dps kill these ASAP and use CCs, while the targeted kites and tries to run away to keep the raptors away from other raptors (run towards opposite marks and call them).  Make sure that you’re never in front of Kimbul to avoid the claw debuff. Kimbul’s wrath means that anyone with a mark needs to be spread and no one else needs to be within 5 yards of them. You will kill another Loa and then, Akunda will join the fight and cast mind wipe on players (dispel healers first so they can help dispel others). Akunda’s wrath, spread out away from the raid if you have the debuff and everyone should dodge the orbs. Now you’ll kill the remaining boss with the highest stacks, recover and kill the last boss. This is a challenging boss because so much is dependant on timing in this fight.The sixth boss and the last boss of the second part of the raid is King Rastakhan. There will be a few adds that spawn before the boss, they should all get stacked up together and just cleave as heavily as possible for the first part of the fight. When the totem spawns, avoid its fire and kill it ASAP. When toads spawn, move out of their way. If seal of purification is on you, move away from the raid and take it like a champ. Healers should watch out for players that get the ax debuff and get them above 90% hp ASAP. Everyone stack up for the meteor leap to share the damage. Phase two starts with Bwonsamdi joining in, and everyone except the tank taking him & maybe a healer or two to help tank stay alive should get away (he debuffs those within 30 yards). Bwonsamdi is immune during this phase so everyone should be focusing on killing Rastakhan. If you get a death rift (put it where your raid lead tells you, probably on Bwonsamdi’s part of the room). Kill the zombie totems and cc the player it mind controls; be spread for the plague of fire so it doesn’t jump to the entire raid. Phase 3 will start when Rastakhan hits 60% health and Bwonsambdi takes half the raid (closest to him) with him to the death realm. You’ll want a couple of healers and the rest dps (no tank). The people down here can remove their dot by stepping into the death rifts that were placed earlier, but each time someone enters one the entire raid takes a hit of damage. All players in both realms should be avoiding the orbs floating around as much as possible. When Bwonsamdi casts inevitable end to be as far away and keep running away, if you get too close to him, it is instant death.  In the living realm, there are more adds to kill interrupt what you can and everyone should help soak the seals of Bwonsamdi. Everyone move out of the shadow smash, the big circle (will make you take 75% reduced healing). Try to put the death doors near the others if you can, or towards the outside of the room, if you can’t. When Bwonsamdi hits 50% everyone is back together for the final phase, if any adds are up-kill them, then kill the boss…keep your eyes open for all the previous abilities….This fight is so hectic and there is so much stuff to dodge and so much stuff going on. This fight was hard but very interesting.Let me know how you feel about the raid so far. And I’ll be back soon to finish up the raid. 🙂

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